• New Dawn Malinois Rehoming Dog Surrender Document

  • Although we do not have the capacity or the ability to take in every dog brought to us, by filling out this application you are giving your dog the best chance of a future family. Please be honest with your answers, what may be a problem for you, may

    not be for another family. We will use this information to help match your dog with a new family and help make the transition into a new home as smooth as possible for your dog.

  • Please be as honest as possible as this will help us with his assessment, any training, and our ability to rehome him/her in the future, continue in the box below if necessary

  • People who wish New Dawn to help with the re-homing of their dogs are asked to make a minimum donation of £50.00 towards administration fees. This fee can be waivered in extenuating

    I am/ am not able to make a contribution of £50.00 towards the administration fees. if not please give what you think are the extenuating circumstances?

    Ihereby certify that I am the rightful owner/keeper/caretaker/custodiar of the Dog(s) who is/are

    the subject of this Dog Surrender Form, hereinafter referred to as "the Dog." I hereby surrender any and all property rights to the Dog. I certify that no other person has a right of property to the Dog. I understand that by surrendering my property rights to the Dog, the Dog may be transferred into the custody of New Dawn Malinois Rehoming to find a suitable adoption home for my Dog and I accept their terms and conditions.

    I understand that once I relinquish the Dog, the Dog will not be available to be returned.

    I further certify that | have read and understand the terms of this Dog Surrender Form

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