For Adoption or Foster

Our Dogs Looking For a Forever Home


The perfect mali pet Noa is 3 years old. He is sociable and has obviously at some point in his life been loved and trained be a wonderful pet and companion.

He is due to arrive in February. 


Brooke is a 20month old mali bitch. Brooke is now on foster with one of our experienced fosters.
Brooke is suitable for a working role and would be a perfect dog for a novice handler, Brooke would also be suitable for an active pet home where she could be trained in agility obedience other dog sports for fun. Brooke is VERY LIVELY and intelligent will require a home that can channel her boundless energy appropriately


Pip 6months old mali x gsd bitch
Pip will be looking for her forever home soon
Pip is not available for adoption just yet


Caesar is being fostered by one of our fosters whose very experienced with street dogs with issues. Caesar has grown into a beautiful boy at home with his family he is the perfect dog kind funny loyal loving clever obedient. Out in the big wide world he becomes afraid is nervous of those he does not know and can react by barking lunging snapping or running away if he feels trapped.
Ideally we are looking for a single adopter with land who lives in the middle of no where but we know the chances of finding this person is slim so we are looking for an adopter preferably experienced with nervous street dogs or reactive dogs who is able to keep safe Caesar out in the big wide world.
We know accidents can happen and we will be advising Caesar adopter to keep him muzzled and on a long line in the presence of strangers and We feel Caesar would be best in a family with no children and another dog.
We know we are looking for a special person for this boy


Luca 6 months old (approx) Kangal mix. Luca is our pup whose ears have been cut off
Initially we believed this was a deliberate act of cruelty. Now we believe its possible Luca ears were cropped because he was intended to be a working dog protecting flocks from attack by wolves and other large predators. Kangal ears and tails are cut off to prevent them being grabbed by an attacking predator.
We know Luca is a happy friendly boy and we are hoping to find him his forever home fairly quickly after an assessment period.
We are looking for a pet only home for Luca but that home will need to have some experience and knowledge of large guardian breeds.
If you are interested in Luca please complete our adoption form ( we are expecting a lot of interest in him) please be sensible and certain you can offer Luca the home he needs and deserves. Please bear in mind Luca may grow VERY LARGE breed standard for a Kangal is 32inches to the shoulder