For Adoption or Foster

Our Dogs Looking For a Forever Home
Todd has been returned to us from his assessment with a security company.
Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to teach Todd to bark on command
Everything else required of a GP dog, Todd has no issue with
So if anyone is looking for a stealth dog Todd is the one 🤣🤣
Seriously though, we will be looking for an active experienced ( with the breed)maybe sporting home for Todd who is people social
Todd has issues with male dogs but may tolerate a bitch.
No young children.


Consider if you are capable and experienced enough to manage a dog who may be reactive initially
Sasha has an extremely high level of obedience and control but until she is bonded and trusts her adopter it’s unlikely she will do as she is asked ( if you are expecting this process to happen in 2 weeks or can’t follow our advice please do not apply to adopt Sasha)
Sasha is a wonderful dog shes incredibly beautiful and in the right hands will be amazing
There must be someone somewhere who is looking for their perfect companion and partner


Frankie arrived today
Frankie is a 10month old dutch herder bitch
Frankie owner is beyond devastated that she has had to rehome her beautiful girl after a change in personal and work circumstances
We promise you we will take very good care of your girl and keep you updated
Frankie is NOT available for adoption just yet
Welcome to New Dawn Luna


Hugo approx 14 weeks old mali male, will be looking for his forever home very shortly.


Voss is a 6month old mali male who we anticipate will need a working home.
We will post more information about Voss as our assessment progresses


Look at this beautiful boy 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Max is an 8-month-old Mali x Dutch Herder he is currently under assessment
Welcome to New Dawn Max.


Update: Chewie went to a local Police force:
Chewie 14 week old GSD x mali male
We are looking for an experienced working home only for this boy.


Once again we are needing to ask our amazing supporters for their help.
We had arranged for a dog to go to another rescue that specializes in foreign street dogs however we have recently been made aware of some concerns in relation to the management of the rescue of dogs including unnecessary risk-taking and inability to manage and control dogs in their care.
So obviously our dog will not be going there…
Does anyone remember Danny a foreign street dog believed to be a mali mix sent to the UK with no rescue back up at 4months old.
His adoption quickly failed as did multiple fosters we stepped in well Lenni Paul did when we learnt Danny was to be pts for aggressive behaviour..
Danny was adopted but later returned to us

We are looking for a FOSTER ( may consider foster to adopt) for Danny