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Dutch 7 yr old retired hmp patrol dog male malinois
Exceptionally well trained social
Dutch will require a competent responsible adopter who will be willing follow explicit instructions to ensure the safety of Dutch and members of the public when out in public places
There is no reason at all Dutch cannot live in a family home ( older sensible children)there are many retired working dogs living happily in family homes
However as a dog who has been trained in bitework he does need someone about is aware of the potential for a disaster if the dog is not managed correctly and kept under control
Dog is NOT dog social
The usual no small children small furries cats etc
Dutch is crate and kennel trained


ADOPTED laughing
Buddy is Looking for a very special person.


Is there nobody out there that could give this boy the forever home he deserves? He’s still waiting

I mean, look at that smile

Buddy deserves a forever home.

👉 almost three years old

👉good with other dogs big, small, bitches, neutered males and entire males

👉no young children as unassessed around them, older sensible children will be considered

👉he needs an active pet home – he has previously decided working life is not for him when we took him along to training   (picture dogs doing bite work and buddy having cuddles instead )


👉knows the basics

👉loves his toys and food

👉extremely eager to please

👉social after introductions (I mean it when I say throw a ball once for him, and he will be your best mate!

👉CAT FRIENDLY -on proper introductions and dog-savvy cats

👉 non-reactive when out and about

👉needs to go out and see the world

👉some ongoing training, he’s a good boy and would be happy to try anything  (apart from bite work, he  has already tried that and said nope )


What Buddy wants;


👉a sofa to lie on, just because he can

👉lots of food

👉lots of toys

👉lots of walks

👉lots of fuss

👉a home with either another dog or on his own (he’s not picky )

👉someone that will love him forever.


If you think you could give this lovely boy his forever home, please fill in an adoption  application form, home check and adoption fee will apply

RENZO – Available soon as currently under assessment.
Ace approx 7-month-old Mali male.
Working home only.
Sasha 2.5 yr old approx female Mali bitch
I honestly can’t believe this beautiful dog has not found her forever home
Sasha original foster spent so much time training her to an exceptional level of obedience on and off lead ( she’s a bit rusty now)
Sasha has also done a bit of tracking and search work
We are looking for an active home for Sasha where her mind as well as her body will receive stimulation
Sasha is the typical high prey drive Mali so no small children small furries small dogs cats etc
If you might be interested in adopting Dutch or Sasha please contact one of the management team for a chat

Rayne is a  2-year-old Dutch Herder bitch

This dog is so very lovely extremely affectionate towards her handler, but she’s not an easy dog (I can’t trust her with my horses. We are working on that ). She’s a bit of a hard bitch, VERY alert and sharp with HUGE prey drive.

Rayne is looking for an experienced working home only ( GP dog)

Not suitable for a novice handler

MACE – Rehomed
Mace mali bitch approx 6 months old.
We are looking for a working home for Mace.
We may consider an active home with previous malinois experience.


Frankie has found his forever home.
Frankie is a 10month old dutch herder bitch
Frankie owner is beyond devastated that she has had to rehome her beautiful girl after a change in personal and work circumstances
We promise you we will take very good care of your girl and keep you updated
Frankie is NOT available for adoption just yet


Available for adoption
Voss approx 8 months old mali male.
Voss came training with us too 😊😊
No children.
Voss will require someone experienced with the Malinois breed.


Update: Chewie went to a local Police force:
Chewie 14 week old GSD x mali male
We are looking for an experienced working home only for this boy.


Thor 16 week old Mali X GSD male.
We are looking for a suitably experienced working home for Thor our bitey brave bolshy pup who has buckets of confidence and attitude.
Do not be fooled by those cute puppy dog eyes they hide a cold calculated biting machine as Jessica Sarkar can confirm.
We know a special dog when we see one and we know in the right hands this pup will go far.
If you feel you are able to offer Thor the working home he needs and will thrive in, please contact us.