Hi, I’m Julie owner and founder of New Dawn Malinois Rehoming.

Thought id tell you a little about myself and why I decided to set up NDMR

I’ve been around dogs all my life grew up in a licensed breeding and boarding kennels

Did a bit of showing agility and obedience ( i owned a Shetland Sheepdog my show dog and a rescue Border Collie my obedience and agility dog)

Used to help my mom with last chance aggressive dogs usually GSD or similar breeds

After I left home I had mostly pet dogs.

Still attended training with my dogs saw a  mali compete in obedience and was smitten.

After an incident at my home, I decided I needed a dog capable of protecting me and my daughter did some research selected reputable kennels and went off to buy my first Malinois puppy

Id explained very carefully to the breeder what I was looking for saw parents litter mates etc and thought I knew what I was doing when I selected my bold confident social puppy

I very quickly realized id got a high energy baby crocodile although I did my absolute best with my pup by 6months old I was struggling with her ( sound familiar)

I searched desperately for a trainer most had never heard of the breed those that had refused to help to tell me my dog was dangerous aggressive out of control untrainable and should be pts.

I contacted Belgian Shepherd Rescue UK who came out to meet me and my dog and put me in touch with a retired police dog trainer who knew the breed and so the training began

I later found Nathaniel Lewis and his Father Rockel Lewis nearly 9 yrs later I’m still training with them

Well Mally and I went on to do lots of things but she certainly wasn’t the family pet id been assured she would be

Mally is a highly civil highly reactive working dog she’s not social and definitely couldn’t live in a family home

Together we learnt a lot I trained Mally in obedience agility tracking search work and bite work

Mally and I have been an accredited civilian working dog team we’ve competed in ( and won ) security/ personal protection dog trials

Mally is professionally trained level 3 PP dog and has  got her ZWP1 which is a recognized certification for working dogs and has produced 2 amazing litters of pups one with Merl and one with PD Mr snaps ( now retired)

Merls son the majority of these pups are now serving police and HMP dogs

I’ve been breeding and supplying a small number of dogs to police forces and HMP for nearly 6 yrs. ( no point denying I breed working dogs always someone out to try to cause trouble)

I currently own 9 working Malinois and mali x GSD most from my own lines some are professionally trained pp dogs some have been accredited civilian GP dogs 2 are retired police dogs some are titled some are in training

All are very much loved

I’ve seen the Malinois go from a breed no one knew about to a breed entering rescues in increasing numbers the majority of pet dog rescue s do not have the experience or knowledge to handle these dogs.

After extensive consultation with forces and HMP who have my own dog’s rescue s and other agencies, I decided to set up New Dawn to deal with some ( sadly I can’t save them all) of the Malinois bought as pets that clearly need to be in working homes.

My contacts and network s mean I am able  to place these dogs in the environment s they need and very often the nightmare pet Malinois relinquish ed to my care will go onto to become an awesome working dog serving the community

My hope as New Dawn grows is to be able to recruit fosters supporters assessors home checkers transporters handlers and trainers UK wide all working together to save this beautiful often misunderstood breed

I know 1st hand what its like to own a pet Malinois they should never have been purchased as a pet

Luckily for my dog, I loved her enough to change my life to suit her and never give up