Our Dogs who have found their forever home

Zim - Aug 2020 has gone for assessment with Force

Zim is a 16 week old male mali ( we think x gsd) pup he has been with me for 1 week now during which time he has not so slowly come out of his shell ably assisted by my pup. Zim is brilliant in the house completely clean settles quietly in a crate at night he travels well in my van he’s fast becoming my little shadow.

Zim is showing all the signs of being suitable for a working home

Great News, I have now been adopted by my Foster

I’m Kyra –  Adopted – Aug 2020  

I’m approx. 10 months old. We are looking for a working home for Kyra

We may consider an active home if adopter is experienced with the Malinois breed




I’m Kobi and I too have been with New Dawn a while now because I’m a big confident lively boy who needs my human to be the alpha in the household.
I was saved from being P.T.S. by New Dawn because in my previous home I had become the one running the house and my family didn’t like me telling them what to do.
There has been some interest in me, but so far I have not been the right dog and they have not been the right person and I know New Dawn will not let me or any other dog in their care go to anyone they are not 100% certain about and vice versa this is because neither I or any of the other new dawn dogs want to keep moving homes.
I’m currently in North Wales with my new friend Shadow, my Foster is very experienced and has done a lot of work with me helping me to understand I really need to do as I am asked but sometimes I still think I know best.
A little bird has told me I may have someone coming to see me soon they mentioned the force does that mean I’m going to meet Luke Skyewalker sounds exciting, so I better be on my best behaviour

Keep your fingers crossed for me much as I love my Foster and vice versa I would like a proper home to call my own.



Bliss is a lively and a beautiful girl. She will need an experienced home with an owner that is willing to put the time and effort into her training.
Bliss doesn’t mind living in a kennel she tolerates other dogs, but she can be reactive.
No small children, so over 10 year olds only.

I’m Beautiful Bliss my Foster dad decided to change my name because my owner had worn my old one out and caused me to have selective deafness every time I heard the word shadow.
My previous owner bought me as a pup to be a working dog, I love biting a sleeve but as far as anything else goes I’m still very much a work in progress, but I like my Foster dad so I’m trying very hard to do as he asks
If you asked me what I would like to do with my life, I’d tell you I want to be a police dog or a HMP dog because I really would like to help catch the baddies and keep humans safe, because that was what I was bred to do.
I’m still young and slightly crazy but I’m always happy, I like people and boy dogs, well what girl dog doesn’t not so keen on other girl dogs I think they are called bitches for good reason.

If anyone would like to know more about me I know my Foster Steven James would be happy to have a quick chat.


Tia is a lovely social girl,She has been here a while now and is still looking for her forever home.
Tia is a lively girl like all Malinois and would like an experienced or active pet home. However, she would also maybe like a working role.

I’m Tia I’m still quite a baby my Foster says, I’m very sweet but slightly crazy and I have a bad habit of trying to trip people up I don’t mean too, I just want to be as close to you as I can.
I’m a work in progress too, I know sit I’m really good at that, still working out what here, down and that word no means.
I like treats probably too much if I’m honest, not so keen on toy’s but I’m learning that I can have fun with them, my Foster showed me a bite pad at the moment I have better things to do like finding bits of food than be bothered with one of those.
I currently live in a kennel because my Foster said, if I was with her dogs in the house it causes disruption and as I can’t stay forever it wasn’t fair.
I didn’t like my kennel at first but now I guess it’s OK although I’d rather be in a house.
I’m quite lively but would fit into an active home and I could be trained very easily with treats
I’d possibly be Okay as a search dog, I can find even the smallest piece of food, I will look for a toy but if my Foster mum can’t remember where she put something she needs to stop hiding stuff in the garden and asking me to help her find it.
If anyone has a Tia sized hole in their heart and home please think of me

TESS Adopted

Tess is a lovely confident, friendly girl.
Tess needs a new experienced home only, She is suitable for a working role.
Tess cannot go with children under 10 years old.
Tess needs to be an only dog.

I’m Tess I’m very happy living in the house as a pet and companion but equally I m capable of doing a job, I’d be a great gp dog.
I love it here with my Foster dad but unfortunately both of us know this cannot be my forever home.
I would be Okay in a kennel as long as it not with lots of other dogs, I like peace and quiet
I am friendly but would prefer a home with no children, although if my adoptive home is an experienced or working home with proper introduction I’m Okay with older children.
I’d prefer to be an only dog with a human just for me but I understand that might not be possible depending on the home or role I go to.
I like people, not so keen on other dogs.
Please consider me I’ve had bad luck so far, whatever that means.