Our Dogs Who Have Found Their Forever Homes

Mischa - Adopted

I’m the lovely Mischa and I would make an amazing active pet. I’m 5 years old but don’t let that put you off, I still like to run and play games

Thor - Adopted

I’m 2 years old, and would make an amazing active pet, even a working home with the right person. Pref the only dog, with no other dogs or children.

My foster has been very patient with me and taken me to work to learn the ropes and had me on a diet. I’ve learnt to play ball and run about

Brutus - Adopted

I’m Brutus, I would make a fantastic active pet or a working role with a novice handler

Storm – Adopted 

​Storm is a 2yr old mali bitch settling into her foster home

Our initial assessment of Storm is that she probably isn’t suitable for a GP role
She may suit SAR /specialist search work a sporting role or active companion/pet
Storm is VERY lively and high energy and will need a home that can exercise her mind as well as her body

Alja - Adopted

I’m 18 months old and looking for a pet home 

Stryker - Assigned to Force

I’m 5 months and will probably be looking for a working home

Our previous ‘Mali of the Month’ the lovely Johnny has his forever home


Enzo, now Odin, has his happy ending with James, that dog just doesn’t stop smiling 


Ana, the Macedonian lady, has her forever home