Sabers Story Updates



Saber is now buried on “his” hill. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support today.

To quote Diane;

The comments are out of this world and very appreciated some dogs get really under your skin and into your heart and my god this boy has done that for all he had been through he still gave me so much and will never forget him for that . I had my first mali for 15 years and he was my world and iIcan honestly say in 8 weeks Sabie gave me that feeling and yeah he probably would never have left me because nobody would have ever been good enough in my eyes for him but i think we all knew that . I really knew on Monday I had lost him but i just wanted to give him another couple of days to see if I could bring him back. I had been in touch with the vet and the behaviourist everyday. I couldnt thank them enough for letting me take the time before I contacted you (and believe me that was through no disrespect to you I know he was your dog ) but he was my Sabie babie and as the behaviourist said to me I knew the answers, I just needed to process due to the bond.  He was telling me enough was enough. I just had to tell him ok! I had never felt the need to muzzle him ever when I was with him I always knew he was fine but monday it changed and I knew. Since then he has been muzzled when with me apart from yesterday morning. I took him out, he needed his freedom on our last time together running free and it wouldnt have mattered if anything had happened because it was my choice. He never gave up fighting hard and was such a stunning boy. I so hope the funds we raised for him can be used to save other dogs Sabie would have wanted that. Going to try to sleep today devastated is not even close so have cancelled work and let the dogs out in paddock for first time in 8 weeks . Thank you for all your support and taking him on.

RIP Saber – 16th September 2020

This is probably one of the saddest and hardest posts I have ever had to write and I know will come as an absolute shock to many of our Saber supporters. After a week of consultations with a number of highly qualified and highly skilled professionals including the vet who has been responsible for Saber care I’m absolutely devastated to inform our supporters Saber was pts earlier today.
A decision that was not taken lightly and after we had considered all the relevant information evidence and recent severe deterioration in Saber behaviour to the point he was randomly and aggressively attacking his foster Diane Grant very frequently
We do not know Saber history so we can only make assumptions about the levels of aggression Saber had previously displayed and had recently displayed at a more increased level.
After Saber 1st operation the behaviour did seem to subside and we believed we were through the worse.
For some unknown reason over the last week Saber aggression towards Di became such that all of us involved in his care and treatment believed we would never be able to safely rehome what was in essence a dangerous aggressive unstable and unpredictable dog.
Of course we considered all other options but we did not feel consigning Saber a dog who loved human company and interaction to what in essence would be little more than a prison cell for the rest of his life would give Saber the quality of life he needed and deserved.
Please do not underestimate the damage a dog with filed / no teeth and a vice like grip can do when it attacks.
Diane is absolutely broken right now as are we all😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 so please we do not need unkind hurtful comments or criticism right now or comments about how you could have done things better
Saber is home with Di who is probably the only person in his short life who ever loved him showed him what it was like to me a real dog and gave him lots of fun and walks
Saber will be laid to rest on his hill so he will be able to play his favourite game of chasing rabbits forever
Di thank you for all you did for Saber at least we gave him a chance of happiness ❤❤
Thank you to everyone who has supported us on Sabers journey we are so very sorry the ending was not the one we hoped for 😭😭😭💔💔💔
rip beautiful boy at least you knew happiness and love for a little while
If anyone has any questions comments etc please pm me directly do not post publicly there is no need for a debate about the course of action we have taken.
While we are realistic enough to know we cannot adopt a non destruction policy Saber is only the 2nd dog we have had pts in nearly 3yrs of operation

Update: 19th & 20th Aug 2020

Hi everyone Saber here, Sorry not been on for a while to update you all how i am but my FM (Foster Mum) been really busy with work and stuff . My FM says I’ve been a very good boy as i have been letting my FD (Foster Dad) feed me some nights and walk me which she says is brill. My mouth is healing really well so she has cut down on my pain meds too unless i really need then .

The other day I went out and was jumping about in the long grass looking for rabbits and didnt see the edge of the pond and fell in it was freezing, so not doing that again brrr! At night FM says I am a nightmare on our last walk as I go looking for my new friends in the woods and bark at them as they roll up into balls and wont play with me They also have sharp bits on them FM has to climb through the woods to get me as i dont leave them alone (lol). The other morning when FM put me in paddock I found another friend we run about for ages till i caught it then it stopped moving FM had to get FD that day to take it away FM said the bunny didnt want to play with me anymore . Well its really late and FM says I need to go to bed , I go back to vets next Friday 18th September to see my friend Jen who is really good with me and helps to make me better like all you lovely people who have helped me .

Please all stay safe Love Saber

Update: 19th & 20th Aug 2020

Hi Saber here thought would come give you all an update on how I am and well FM (Foster Mum) thinks I am doing great. She says “I still have to watch what i am doing”  I do watch honest! I went chasing rabbits away up hill the other night, it was such fun but got into trouble for doing as I please and not listening so was put back on leash (dont tell FM, I didnt mind as I was knackered). FM is managing my pain with the vets advice. It is still sore but am coping really well. I was sent some new toys from a lovely lady called Aunty Jacqui as they are softer for my mouth. FM just wants to know when i get something new why I have to bark at it haha but am just letting them know I am  boss. The other morning FM had an early morning rescue at 6am as I got wee rabbit in the paddock I did let it go honest but it got trapped between 2 fences and FM had to save. “Too early for this malarky” she said, what ever that means. Thank you all for giving me this experience its brill. I know I have another big op to have FM told me and we need to raise more money for that to make sure we have enough so please all help if you can I am very grateful and love you all 

Oh what a boy he is . . 

Our Big Brave boy today uploading more from him but taking ages might be cause he loves to show himself off lol


Love Saby   

Update: 15th Aug 2020

Well this our big brave boy last night.

The teeth in the picture should be his fangs and be double the length every tooth in his mouth is the same.

At the bottom off every tooth taken out today was infection the teeth had started to go mushy from the base of the roots to half way into the gum. Saber has been in excruciating pain and the reason he has been holding things in his mouth is for pressure to ease pain like what humans do with toothache.

What someone has put him though is terrible and not even getting veterinary help to ease the pain but seemingly its ok to sell him on in this state is disgusting . We thank you all for the continual support and donations please dont stop we are not out of woods yet! In four weeks its round two.


Love Saby   

Update: 9th Aug 2020

Well hi ya to all the lovely people who are following me and helping get me better.

My FM (aka Foster Mum) says “you’re all amazing” . FM been busy that’s why I not been on but she says I been really good boy apart from terrorising chickens lol . I go to vets next week for start of treatment so FM says it’s going to be long road but we will get there because of all you kind people helping me .

Please all take care and stay safe .

Love Saber or FM calls me Saby   

Saber Update – 4th Aug 2020

This is an incredibly hard post to write. We are trying to keep this as open and honest as possible.

Firstly, a massive Thank You to everyone who has donated so far we are so very grateful, but not out of the woods yet!

We really need you to keep donating if you possibly can, although the way forward doesn’t seem quite so clear cut at the moment.

Saber has now been seen by 2 independent vets, both of which have the view that removing all of the teeth in one operation would be too traumatic and possibly cause more damage ie fracture of his jaw. We have decided that treatment for Saber will probably need to be carried out over a period of time. Initially, we are going to have the 5 teeth removed that have been identified as causing him pain ASAP continue with painkillers and monitor Saber removing more teeth as and when necessary

We have 2 reasons for making this decision which I will try to explain…..

The 2 vets we have consulted and the investigating SSPCA Officer do not feel it would be in Saber’s best interest to subject him to a huge traumatic operation that may actually cause him more damage. We also need to take into account the cost of the operations that may be needed and whether after subjecting Saber to multiple painful traumatic operations we will be able to provide him with a good quality of life which brings me to our 2nd reason.

Since Saber has been with his foster we have seen behaviours that have given us cause for concern.

Saber constantly paces his kennel he holds something in his mouth all the time he also has periods of blankness staring upwards to the sky and periods of excess destructiveness. Much more concerning have been incidents of unexplained aggression, which is unpredictable and for a reason, we have not as yet been able to identify. Even with no teeth, Saber is able to cause significant damage. We have learnt a little about Saber’s past because of the ongoing SSPCA investigation we are unable to share this information but Sabers’ past has not been great and he has been kept in conditions which may be related to his behaviour. We also know that Saber’s former owners were male which may explain his apparent dislike of men. Yesterday was not a happy day, we and Sabers foster spent hours discussing Saber and his future with the vet and the investigating SSPCA officers and we have all arrived at the same decision.

Currently, Saber is not rehomeable to a civilian/pet home because he is unpredictable which in turn makes him dangerous! Obviously we cannot place Saber in a working home ( we now know he was a working dog) because he has no teeth. We have considered the option of a sanctuary but after discussions with a number of professionals, we do not believe this is a safe or appropriate option for Saber if his behaviour and aggression remain the same.

We have been advised by the vet that at the moment it is probably pointless having a professional assessment of Saber as he is too much in pain. We are hoping that once Saber 5 teeth are removed and some of his pain subsides his behaviour will change he will settle down and the aggression levels we have seen will start to subside as we are fully aware that sometimes behaviour and aggression cannot be ” fixed” but we are equally aware that often issues can be controlled and safely managed. This will be an option we will be exploring too

We will proceed with our plan to remove the teeth, give pain relief monitor progress until mid-November when we will review this plan. We honestly don’t know what the future holds for Saber right now but if he is to have a future it has to be one where he will have a good quality of life.

We are all hoping for a miracle and I know Saber foster is finding this incredibly hard and very upsetting ( she isn’t alone) but we know we have to be realistic.

The SSPCA Officer actually said it was nice to deal with a rescue who was knowledgeable experienced and realistic

Sabers foster is going to make sure Saber has the best time of his life and is very much loved while he is in her care. If anyone would like to send treats toys food etc to Saber I know these gifts would be appreciated. Please contact us for details of where to send them.

As an aside If there really is anyone out there that lives alone in a remote and secure location who is experienced with large powerful aggressive dogs with behavioral issues and would like a companion we would like to hear from you. It is important to note Saber is not aggressive all the time he’s mostly a very lovely dog but his unpredictable behaviour makes him at times dangerous.

any other ideas or suggestions that we may not have considered, again please get in touch.

We will update you all regularly

For now, we are trying to keep positive and help Sabers life be a happier one