Working roles for our dogs

If you are a representative of a HMP, HM Forces, or a Police Force and are looking for working dogs, Please take the time to look at our dogs that specifically need working roles



We usually get requests from the public to take their dog sometime between the ages of 7 Months and 1.5 Years.

At the moment and not unsurprisingly we are experiencing a lot of requests to take pups aged 6 – 9 months old

I think it would be fair to call these pups, “Covid Pups”. Maybe bought on an impulse and with the best of intentions at the start of lockdown and now that life is returning to normal owners are realising just how time-intensive a Malinois is

A lot of these pups are showing great potential for working roles.

If your Force or HMP has the facilities to ” run on” dogs for future courses we are happy to entrust our dogs and pups to your care on long term on going assessment.

We will of course have our dogs back at any time if required to do so.

We ask a higher donation for our dogs placed with Forces and HMP  ( this is negotiable) and is not payable until our dog is licensed.

If any representative of a Force or HMP would like to discuss this further please get in touch.

Please get in touch if your interested in any of our dogs

7 + 3 =

For sale. A green KC reg civil aggressive Belgian Malinois 1yr old male

Foundation work put in for NASDU.

One handler dog only and will need bonding before any form of bite work/training is attempted. Once bonded will protect you with his life.

  • This is a serious dog *** but NOT a dog that redirects on handler when frustrated***
  • Environmentally sound.
  • Only one man dog so one handler who has experience. Not a family dog in any shape or form.
  • Great with other dogs.
  • Travels fine in vehicle.
  • Kennelled (not noisy unless there is a reason to be).
  • Embark tested clear of all inheritable genetic conditions.
  • No health issues to date.
  • Up to date vaccinations and microchipped.
  • Up to date with worming and flea treatment.
  • Will come with Jtac K9 pro collar.
  • Raw fed (no food intolerances).
  • Fine with food and toys around handler (no resource guarding against handler).
  • Obedience , loose lead heal work. Down, stay and heal. Recall.
  • Will bite covert , suite and sleeve. But would bite flesh over equipment If offered so experienced decoys to work this dog only.
  • Will muzzle attack with no hesitation on person wearing no bite work equipment. But can also wear muzzle and be calm around people when told.

Not suitable in any shape or form for a green handler or handlers not experienced with these type of dogs and not confident around dogs.




This is Sasha 11 months old

We are looking for a suitably experienced WORKING home only for this lovely girl


I’m Lex and I’m approx., 10 Months old.  I’ve been assessed as suitable for a working role. I need a competent handler.

Lex is placed with one of our more experienced fosters a professional working dog handler as he does have a few issues we will be working on to help prepare him for a working role.

Lex is in the lucky position of being able to accompany his foster to work where he will learn the ropes so to speak.



I’m Todd I’m one of the pups whom we have assessed as suitable for a working role. I’m approx 12 months old.

I’m suitable for a GP role.


Reserved for assessment by a Force


I’m Coal and I’ve been assessed as suitable for a working GP role. I need a competent handler and I may be better suited to a female handler.

If you take me on you will need to be a calm kind handler prepared to take the time to build an unbreakable partnership


Reserved for assessment by a Force

I’m Bailey and I’m very much a one-person dog and will require a competent and capable handler

I’m suitable for a GP role.