Sabers Story

Saber’s Story: Whilst not unique is very heart breaking.


It is with great sadness and loss that we stop this appeal. Saber had to be euthanised on the 16th September 2020.

There is further information on the updates page

Please help Saber, by helping us, Donate, Share, and Share again

We are desperately trying to raise some funds for Saber, initially to control his pain and then to look at the bigger picture and make life better for him again



It started with a desperate phone call to New Dawn from a genuine person wanting to do the best by the dog.

Dave had originally called Belgian Shepherd Rescue UK and Pamela Jameson had directed him to us, she told him ” If anyone could take him and help him, they can”.

Its great that rescues all over the UK can work together for the sake of the dog and the best possible outcome.

From there on the story unfolds;

Dave leaves a message: (Not his real name for privacy)  I have a dog, I’ve made a mistake, I’ve barely had him a day and everything is going wrong. I’ve been up all night, he won’t settle and worse, he’s mouthed my gf’s arm, making quite bad scratches. He won’t settle, He seems to be bothered by his mouth!

We made contact, not knowing what to think;

We swing into action with our nationwide network of foster. This time the dog is in Scotland so we made contact with our newly formed Scotland branch and as luck would have it Diane, has a space and is willing to take him.

We quickly get back to Dave and say ‘Please take the dog to Diane’. Having only had Saber 24 hours and for the dogs safety Dave quickly makes contact with Diane and purchases a dog guard to keep Saber safe on the journey. They head off. . . .

He’s a lovely boy, obviously lively and playful but somethings isn’t quite right

Diane notices and goes in for a closer inspection

His teeth are worn/filed down to almost nothing.

No People were harmed in the making of these pictures!

Not just one but nearly his whole mouth!

He also has other injuries, So Saber went off to the vets

We get our confirmation from the vets;

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