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All about me

I’m Brutus and I’m 2 years old and would love a working or active pet home.

Brutus is an absolutely delightful dog he’s not a crazy full on boy but like most Malinois is intelligent enough to quickly establish himself as ” the boss” of the house with an inexperienced adopter/ handler.
Brutus has got bags of potential and would be the perfect GP dog for a novice handler or a home who where he will be trained for a purpose such as a recognized dog sport.
Brutus needs an active experienced home and wouldn’t do well with some one who is looking for a settee/companion dog happy with a run in the park a few times a week. Wherever he goes he is going to need training which he loves. He can become over aroused with certain toys. He travels well, good at the lead. 

I would benefit from a home with no cats, no young children.

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